Welcome to Chaitra Creations and Publicity.

Chaitra Creations and Publicity is a Pune, Maharashtra based organization that has been working on value added IEC (Information, Education & Communication) solutions for the past 24 years.
Our company’s continued focus on serving social causes and issues has led us to invest time and effort to conceptualize and design many program collaterals which can be used for awareness among students.


To contribute in the process of social upliftment by developing quality IEC material that empowers people to lead towards better life and bright future.


Used by various government departments as well as corporates for CSR funding.

Education and Awareness on current burning issues is not very familiar in India. It is not a part of our curriculum. This education to Children is very important today as they are the future of our country. They need to understand various aspects and issues related to these social problems and also need to learn about ways and means to deal with it.
To create awareness through education on these current burning issues, we offer some unique IEC solutions in different forms, which includes:

1) Activity Books
2) Art & Craft Activities - QR coded videography of activities
3) Educational mobile app
4) Animated films- QR coded
5) Infographics - QR coded

Our Clients