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Sujaan has won the CSR Health Impact award in the category of ENVIRONMENT IMPACT INITIATIVE.
The CSR Health impact award is an initiative of IHW Council which works towards creating awareness and advocacy for a healthier, happier world. The awards recognizes those organizations who have imbibed responsible business practices in their core philosophy by initiating the most impactful health CSR ventures that have driven change on the ground and have impacted millions of lives.

This is an initiative by Chaitra Creations and Publicity to spread awareness in school going children about various social and environmental issues like Child Sexual Abuse, yoga, traffic, disaster management, energy, cleanliness, health and Hygiene, environment, water conservation and nutrition.

Taking into account the importance of Activity Based Learning, all this awareness material is developed in the form of Activity Kits. Keeping the 3600 Approach in mind, we have also used other media like Activity Books, Animation Films and Mobile App for creating awareness.

All this will help to give information about these issues in an extensive and entertaining manner which will help students to remember this information for long time.

Use of Activity Kits for awareness creation is a very innovative idea and this approach was totally unexplored until we did it.

We strongly believe that if guided properly in their early age, children can be groomed as cultured and responsible citizens which have a direct impact on the future of our country.

Our USP’s:

Use of Art and Craft Kit: We all know that children naturally love art and craft activities like painting, drawing and making various objects. That is why; we have made Sujaan in the form of Art and Craft Kit. This not only helps to explore any subject in detail but the learning is long lasting and it can become a part of life.

3600 Approach: In Sujaan apart from the art and craft kits, we have used multiple media like activity books, animation films and mobile app so the information about any subject can be given in an extensive and entertaining manner. This has a direct impact on the learning ability of students as they are offered with multiple learning solutions to understand any subject. The IEC material developed by us is reviewed and evaluated by the State Council of Education and Research Training (SCERT), Pune. Also, we have copyright for all this material. At present it is available in Marathi, Hindi and English which we can adapt to any desired language. 

Involvement of experts from various disciplines: All this material is developed with an in-depth study and also with having a rigorous discussion with the experts from various disciplines such as child psychology, education and content development. This makes the material extremely authentic and worthy.

Eco-friendly Material: The art and craft boxes and most of the material in the art and craft kit is extremely eco-friendly. This also helps indirectly to spread message about environment conservation. 

Conduction of workshops, training programs and employment engagement activities: 
We are all equipped to conduct the workshops, training programs and employment engagement activities for the CSR programs of corporate companies. We have a special expertise in the field of training and development and can provide end to end solutions for all such activities.